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Robotic Surgery is a minimally invasive surgery technique with the highest technology available. It is basically the same method as the laparoscopy but after integration of the robotic arms on the patient side, it allows the surgeon to operate by using a console. This method has several advantages over open surgery and conventional laparoscopy. Moreover it has got equivalent success rates. Robotic surgery can be used at all ages and even in infants.
The main advantages of using robotic technology are;
• Decreased postoperative pain
• Decreased hospital stay
• Early recovery
• Better cosmetic appearance
• Minimal complications
• High success rates
• 3D vision for the surgeon
• Increased maneuverability
• Decreased tremor of the surgeon
• Increased ergonomics

Robotic surgery can be used for all procedures which can be performed by conventional laparoscopy;

• Nephrectomy
• Ureteropelvic junction obstruction
• Vesicoureteral reflux
• Duplicated renal system abnormalities
• Some urinary stones
• Adrenal gland surgery
• Neurogenic bladder (appendicovesicostomy, augmentation cystoplasty etc.)